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The future.write(); 2017 digital writing conference is over, thank you for making it a success. See you at the next event!

2017 speakers

  • Paddy Padmanabhan

    Paddy Padmanabhan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rich Miner

    Rich Miner

    Android co-founder

  • Dr. Sharon Oviatt

    Dr. Sharon Oviatt

    President / Chairman
    INCAA Designs

  • Christophe Daguet

    Christophe Daguet

    Director Client Product Strategy and Innovation

  • Dr. Michael D. McCreary

    Dr. Michael D. McCreary

    Chief Technology Officer
    E Ink Corporation

  • Pete Mueller

    Pete Mueller

    President & Chairman, USI. Senior Technologist
    Intel Corporation

  • Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    Senior Principal Engineer, Client Computing Group
    Intel Corporation

  • Heidi Wang

    Heidi Wang

    Vice President Platforms & Applications

  • Denis Manceau

    Denis Manceau

    Vice President, Product Management

  • Pierre Laporte

    Pierre Laporte

    Executive Vice President, Technology Enablement

Past attendees